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Day 2 – November 30

John F.T. Scott, retail industry expert

New consumer choices are setting a quick pace at grocery retail - what it means for our sector

John F.T. Scott, retail industry expert


Join John Scott as he embarks on a fast-paced discussion of the ways in which the new consumer is stimulating significant change in the retail sector. The rapidly evolving shift in consumptive power has resulted in new strategies as well as exciting entrants into the chase for consumer favour . The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, the purchase of Jean Coutu by Metro, the declining fortunes of Safeway, the rise of the “grocerant,” the potential entry of Lidl and Aldi and the future of discount as king all threaten the traditional landscape of a stable industry. Retail is the final connection to the consumer – strategies and procurement at this level drive demand through the supply chain. Scott will provide his perspective on what it may mean for you.

Sponsored by Adama

Food influencer panel

Consumers are hungry for information about food and vocal about their demands. These consumers have more sway than ever before in determining retail and restaurant decisions. These demands are impacting food trends, from grocery store offerings to prepackaged food to fine dining menus – even as consumer choices do not always align with their requests. This panel will explore how food trends form, evolve and provide advice to agriculture to increase its understanding of what consumers are asking for when it comes to food.


Ellen Pruden, Manitoba Canola Growers Association 


Liana Robberecht, executive chef, Winsport
Abbey Sharp, registered dietitian
Claire Tansey, chef, teacher, and food expert

Sponsored by Grain Farmers of Ontario

Leonard Brody, Business and technology visionary

Closing session: The Great ReWrite

Leonard Brody, Business and technology visionary


We are living in a unique moment in history, when revolutionary change in all sectors is occurring at a frenzied pace. This massive scale of disruption has understandably left organizations on shaky footing, struggling to engage consumers and employees alike and stay relevant. Those that learn to adapt, those that allow themselves to be “rewritten” for the modern day, will survive and prosper. Those that do not will collapse. Leonard Brody explains how to deal with the questions the future holds, and how organizations can harness the uncertainty they’re faced with and turn it into excitement, innovation, and success.

Sponsored by Monsanto Canada